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Sound Home Sound Health (3 Days Mass Sound Healing & Meditation)
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Sound Home Sound Health (3 Days Mass Sound Healing & Meditation)

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#Mass Sound Healing & Meditation

Monthly Session with Master’s Blessings

There is no other Yoga as fast and powerful as “Naad Yoga” to grow spiritually and to remove stress, Struggle and illness. -Yogashikha Upanishad

Benefits of Attending this Session

  • Relief from fear, stress, depression, trauma, overthinking, chronic illnesses, body pain etc.
  • Re-tune yourself to relaxation, well-being and peace of mind through Nada Yoga & Sound Healing.
  • Release physical, emotional, mental & spiritual blockages through Sound Therapy and immerse yourself in the Divine Nada to help you get connect with yourself.
  • Regulates the blood circulation through-out the body
  • Increases the Vitality & Immune System
  • Improves the overall functions of all internal organs & endocrine gland
  • Reduces your Stress, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Relief from chronic ailments like Asthma, Diabetes, Migraine, Thyroid & Skin diseases.
  • Protects from the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases
  • Accelerate Spiritual growth
  • Feel Content & Secure
  • Remove Addictions Easily 

Achieve Sound Health Sound Home with collective energy of Guru Mandal.

Inviting all for these Monthly Mass Sound Healing & Meditation sessions to be in presence of grace.

Date: 16th - 17th & 18th September 2022

Time: 7.00PM to 8.00PM

Name of the Organiser

# BodhMarga Foundation

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Terms & Conditions :

- The Webinar Joining Details will be shared 24 Hours prior the event on your Registered Email ID. Please do not forget to check our mail from info@bodhmarga.org for the Masterclass Details.

Please add the above Mail in your Email Contacts so that our Mail reaches to you in your Email Inbox.

Please check your Spam or Promotion Inbox if you think you did not receive our Mail.- Children below the age of 8 are not allowed to attend the workshop. If there are any special requests, please contact us. This is to maintain decorum inside the webinar / workshop. 

- We do not offer refunds. Please book wisely.

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