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DNA Activation Webinar
DNA Activation Webinar

DNA Activation Webinar

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DNA Activation for Prosperity & Abundance with Nada Yogi Vibhushri

Did you Know?

"Most Human beings have only one DNA Strand Activated".

# Are You tired of Living a Life engulfed in Fear, Anger, Stress, Guilt & Frustration?

# Are You getting forcefully swept away with every little situation or problem that life throws in the way of your Success or Happiness?

# Tired of not being in control of your Body, Mind and Energy?

Struggling to Sustain your Job, Income, Success, Savings, Business, even Relationships?


In this Masterclass,

# Understand The Science of Epigenetics & Vibrations & How it Impacts your Body & Mind.

# Learn how to Transform Negative & Stuck Patterns from your Life.

# Learn how to Heal Ancestry DNA Patterns.

# Learn how to Live a Struggle Free Life

# Learn how DNA Awakening can help Improve Stuck Money Patterns, Conflicts in Relationships & Alter Lifestyle

DNA Activation = Accelerated Spiritual Awakening!

✓ DNA Awakening is your Pathway towards Abundance, Inner Peace & Prosperity.

✓ It will help you change your Frequency from 

Scarcity to ProsperityIllness to Wellness & Effort to Effortlessness.

✓ DNA Awakening helps you to elevate your growth from your Limited Genetic DNA to the Divine Universal DNA.

✓ Experience the Change in your DNA Patterns which enhances your Well-Being, Emotions, Thoughts & Quality of Life.

✓ Enhance your life in Wellness, Abundance & Harmony in Life with DNA Awakening.

✓ Free yourself from Fear, Conflict, Anger, Doubt, Worry & Disturbances from your life with the power of DNA Awakening.

Since the last decade, this ANCIENT YOGIC SECRET has transformed 1,00,000 lives!

DNA Activation: Unlock your Success Code Genetic Blueprint

✓ Activate abundance DNA with Sound

✓ Remove inherited and limiting beliefs, forever

✓ Remove blocks & struggles at cellular


✓ Help you open yourself to more love from self

and others

✓ Clears old programming concerning money

✓ Release blocks that stop money flow

✓ Heal old emotional issues

✓ Removes illness to enable healthy living

✓ Re-programs your cellular memory to remove

✓ Restores original prosperity consciousness

✓ Unlocks your inner abundance receptors

✓ Helps overcome depression & other emotional


✓ Restores your ability to attract wealth

✓ Increases your in-flow as a money magnet

✓ Raises your manifesting vibrations

✓ Manifest personal success on all levels

✓ Improves health and relationships

✓ Helps in leading a successful life

✓ Enables you to live a struggle free life

✓ Enjoy a rewarding and abundant lifestyle

Enter the World of Spiritual Possibilities with "DNA AWAKENING Masterclass"

Do not miss this ONCE in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Who can Attend this Webinar?

✓ CEOs, Trainers, Coaches, Business Owners, Doctors, Medical Professionals.

✓ Corporate Professionals, Students & Even Housewives.

✓ People from every Walk of Life can participate in this Energy-based Webinar to grow in Spirituality & Prosperity

Name of the Organizer

#Wellness Vibe

Terms & Conditions :

- The Webinar Joining Details will be shared 24 Hours prior the event on your Registered Email ID. Please do not forget to check our mail from info@wellnessvibe.com for the Masterclass Details.

Please add the above Mail in your Email Contacts so that our Mail reaches to you in your Email Inbox.

Please check your Spam or Promotion Inbox if you think you did not receive our Mail.

- Children below the age of 8 are not allowed to attend the workshop. If there are any special requests, please contact us. This is to maintain decorum inside the webinar / workshop. 

- Video filming / Recording of the workshop is not allowed by the participants. 

- We do not offer refunds. Please book wisely.

- We may wish to photograph or film the Workshop and reserve the right to do so for the purposes of promoting future workshops or otherwise. By attending the workshop, you allow the usage of the footage for online promotions.

- Disclaimer: The information contained in the workshop is provided for general & educational purposes only and must never be considered a substitute for medical advice. Wellness Vibe does not take responsibility for possible health consequences for any person following the information in the educational content. 

- Read the entire disclaimer on our website at www.wellnessvibe.com/disclaimer/

- Read the entire privacy policy on our website at www.wellnessvibe.com/privacy-policy/

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